Handmade Chocolate Bars | Bitte Chocolate Charleston

Our handmade chocolate bars use the finest ingredients. We make our chocolates from bean-to-bar from our artisan handmade chocolate recipe right here in Charleston, South Carolina.

Our handmade chocolate company focuses on providing premier chocolate. We create our chocolates in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

You can use our Charleston chocolates any way you like. Our biggest fans prefer to savor each bar, piece by piece.

Our handmade dark chocolate bars are rich in flavor. They carry a soft touch of fruitiness wrapped in their strong chocolate flavor. At a consistency of 70% dark chocolate, this dark chocolate bar is perfect for all lovers of dark chocolate.

Our handmade milk chocolate bars are unlike any milk chocolate you've ever tasted. Rich chocolate and milk flavors help to cut the sweetness of the bar. Our milk chocolate bar fans say it has an elegant taste.

Find a chocolate store near you to buy your own handmade Charleston chocolate bars. You can also sign-up to join our contact list and be the first to find out when the next batch of Charleston handmade chocolates will be ready!

70% Dark Chocolate  - The dark chocolate bars are rich in chocolate flavor with a soft touch of fruitiness to them. This bar is for any dark chocolate lover.

Milk Chocolate - This bar is not like other milk chocolate. It is rich in chocolate and milk flavors that cuts through the sweetness, giving it an elegant taste.